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Distributor Mercruiser Thunderbolt V6

Distributor Mercruiser Thunderbolt V6
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Part Number: GLM71240
Price: $209.95

UPC: 754739712405
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Distributor Assembly for Mercruiser Thunderbolt IV and V, GM V6. This item replaces OEM: 805185A37.
Mercruiser262 / V6175 / 4.3L (2 bbl.)Thunderbolt IV1987-19930B527955-0F000877GLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V6185 (2 bbl.)Thunderbolt IV1985-19876919656-0B527954GLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V6205/4.3LX (4 bbl.)Thunderbolt IV1985-19930A331455-0F001219GLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V64.3L (2 bbl.)Thunderbolt IV1993-19960F000878-0F802999GLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V64.3LX (4 bbl.)Thunderbolt IV1993-19960F001220-0F802999GLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V64.3LX / LXH Alpha (Gen+)Thunderbolt IV1996-19970F803000-0K999999GLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V64.3LX / LXH Bravo (Gen+)Thunderbolt IV1996-19970F803000-0K999999GLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V64.3L / LH Alpha (Gen+)Thunderbolt IV1998-20010L010044 & UpGLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V64.3L / LH Bravo (Gen+)Thunderbolt IV1998-20010L010044 & UpGLM71240
Mercruiser262 / V64.3L EFI (Gen+) (TBI)Mercury - HEI1999-20010L360000 & UpGLM71240

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